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COVID-19, has come and made all of us step back and look at our lives!  You think you got it bad during this pandemic?  Well Clay’s been kicked out of his basement!  Left for a Drug dealer on food stamps!  NOW HE HAS TO PAY MONEY TO “HELP” SUPPORT THEM!  HIS OWN FAMILY TOOK “HER” SIDE!  Daughter he loves more than life… hates him for GOD KNOWS WHAT!  Sons are like him and don’t know WHAT THE F!@#$K IS GOING ON!  Well that just a small bit of the story!   COVID making you down and you need to see someone live that makes you feel better about your situation!  Come see this debauchery live!!!!


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Clay Miles is the man you never wanted to marry your daughter, and the guy you always call when it’s time to cause trouble. His loveable smile and infectious laugh will always leave you wanting more of this cantankerous and magnetic comedic act.


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Semper Fi

A True American
Clay has done it all from 9 years as a United States Marine, two time divorcee, a father to four children of varying levels of delinquency, brother to a gay man and fresh from a year in Afghanistan. Clay is a true American!

About Me

Hillariously Funny!
“Blue Collar”, this label has been given to a handful of some of the greatest comics of our time. Clay Miles is a different shade of “Blue Collar” and a different side that has been over looked by society. Clay’s comedy is an awakening to the world that the package is more than the covering. When our layers are peeled back we can see that we are all the same.